Monday, 8 March 2010

BOOM! Update

Well yeah, I finally got round to updating this (life is hectic)
Still going with college, shooting when possible, even acquired some new gear over christmas (light stand, 33" umbrella/diffuser and manfrotto clamp)

Test shot with the new kit (shot late december)

Then came the snow, plenty of it too

Also been playing with my flash off camera, along with an incense stick to get some shots like this

And the most recent shots (so far the only shots uploaded this month too)

Well, I suppose that's the shots up to date.
Getting ready for show season to start, first one is of course Wheels Day at Rushmoor Arena on April 2nd, I should be around unless of course it's raining. Second show of the year will most likely be Mopars at Brooklands, which I currently can't remember the date for so if you know, drop it in a comment. Of course, late July we should be attending the Mopar EuroNationals at Santa Pod (July 30/31, August 1st for those who don't know) and there's likely to be a few other I attend.

My website will be getting updated, however at the moment I'm more likely to be keeping that vehicle related, possibly with some single vehicle features if I can find any to shoot.

I think that's about all that needs to be said, so keep your eyes open for site updates although I'll probably post up the best shots with a write up on here.

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