Saturday, 1 August 2009

011 - Mopar Euronationals, Santa Pod - Friday

Every year, late in July comes a time when muscle cars and their owners from around the UK, France, Germany (and many other countries) find a new home for the weekend, that home being a small, quiet part of the English countryside....well, until they arrive of course. Being 16 and not shooting for a magazine means it's pretty much impossible to get a press pass, so unfortunately there are no trackside shots, but I'll show you what this weekend's like from my point of view.

Friday, being the quietest of the 3 days generally allows for testing and tuning of vehicles before the main crowd of people arrive early Saturday morning, however this year was, unfortunatley not the case. After setting up camp the track was being prepared for opening around 1pm, however the storm clouds overhead decided otherwise, giving 3 storms with the track only just being dried between each one, though between storms I also got the chance to get some pictures without getting myself, and my equipment completely soaked.

Not long after a storm, this '57 Belair still looks smooth, even in its reflection.

Although it's primarily an event for american muscle, there's always a bit of variation.

As always, the Friday evening brought the traditional cruise which, unfortunately we didn't attend, but plenty of people went and enjoyed the KFC goodness.

And a cruise wouldn't be complete without some fun in the live arena, as demonstrated by a lovely yellow Charger.

Well, that's about all that can be said for Friday. The rest of the weekend will be on the way when I get it sorted, but for now, you can check out fridays pics on my flickr...


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