Friday, 10 April 2009

003 - Archive Post - Hot Rod Drags 2008

Just pulling up some old images from last year for your enjoyment. :)

The Hot Rod Drags weekend was a perfect weekend for weather, it was dry all weekend, which meant lots of racing and of course for the ones that wanted, showing of thier cars. Unfortunately, we turned up to this.

Which was fun to set a tent up in and at least find some dry ground to sleep on.

As this was our first year at the Hot Rod Drags, I was excited to be there, and soon enough the smell of race fuel and rubber filled the air.

The weekend saw Andy Frost running some decent times in Red Victor 2.

Taz Racing also had their fair share of good runs.

Fires happened in the start-up lane...

...and the cars that were showing looked good.

A good team effort... :)

...and a good turnout too.

All I can say is this was a great weekend and I hope to do it again. Don't forget to check out Jay's flickr gallery for more images from the event.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

omg yhuur photos are soo kool !!
btw thiis iis tah random gurl yah added :) x

27 May 2009 at 18:47  

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